When The Levy Breaks

All last night sat on the levy and moaned

All last night sat on the levy and moaned

Thinkin’ ’bout the IL and how to build some homes”.

Many of us have had an intense few weeks of meetings and calls on the subject of the proposed infrastructure levy since publication in March 2023 of DLUHC’s technical consultation document and ahead of the 9 June deadline for responses to the 45 questions asked. 

There is some bewilderment. We’re used to proposals for planning reform that introduce additional complexity, that as yet have no proof of concept or that are likely to have unintended, unwelcome, consequences, but the consensus seems to be that IL really takes the biscuit. 

Sam Stafford and BECG have now done wonders in editing a recent Clubhouse discussion I hosted on the subject (featuring some people who know what they are talking about – my Town Legal partner Clare Fielding, Quod’s Sasha Gordon, BNP Real Estate’s Anthony Lee, the BPF’s Sam Bensted, Irwin Mitchell’s Nicola Gooch and, last but not least, Gilian MacInnes) into a 50 Shades of Planning podcast episode. Whatever your current level of knowledge of the proposals I think you will find it worth a listen – if only for Sam’s comments at the head and tail of the piece. It’s available to listen to here.

Cheer up, it might never happen”, you could say. But it might. 

Heavy blues man. 

Simon Ricketts, 13 May 2023

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