A Rest Is As Good As A Change

No blog post again this weekend.

Just to say:

Well done all local election candidates whether you won or lost.

And well done all public affairs consultancies for the updates and analysis as to the changes. But maybe add the Daily Express to your mailing lists next time?

We expect plenty of announcements this week, finally, as to the Government’s intended changes to the planning system.

I’m coiled like a rusty spring.

We’ll be navigating the implications of the Queen’s Speech and expected flotilla of accompanying announcements on Clubhouse at 5.30 pm on Thursday 12 May. Special guests include Catriona Riddell, Nick Walkley, Phil Briscoe and Meeta Kaur. Join us here.

Simon Ricketts, 7 May 2022

Personal views, et cetera

Author: simonicity

Partner at boutique planning law firm, Town Legal LLP, but this blog represents my personal views only.

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