Words Fail. Easter 2022

No blog post, just a few social media screen shots on this Maundy Thursday.

I pray that we look back in a few years and say, what on Earth what were we thinking?

Have a peaceful and open-hearted Easter.

Simon Ricketts, 14 April 2022

Personal views, et cetera

Author: simonicity

Partner at boutique planning law firm, Town Legal LLP, but this blog represents my personal views only.

One thought on “Words Fail. Easter 2022”

  1. How depressing Simon and Words Fail sums it up perfectly…..

    I am not (and never have been) on Social media and the only thing I can say is the re-tweets and likes on these randomly chosen posts are negligible…….and would like to think 🤞 do not reflect the views of the vast majority…..

    Kind Regards

    George Vasdekys MRTPI
    Salisbury Jones Planning
    33 Bassein Park Road
    London W12 9RW
    Tel 0208 749 9001
    M 07808631172


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