Unsuccessful Attacks On Guildford & Waverley Local Plans

Two recent salutary lessons from Surrey for campaigners tempted to resort to the courts, having failed to persuade the relevant local plan inspector. Guildford local plan In Compton Parish Council v Guildford Borough Council (Sir Duncan Ouseley, 4 December 2019), three separate claimants, Compton Parish Council, a Mr Julian Cranwell and Ockham Parish Council, “opposed … Continue reading “Unsuccessful Attacks On Guildford & Waverley Local Plans”

Can’t Buy A Thrill: Evenings In High Streets

We’re hosting a workshop for London First this week, as part of its London’s Transforming High Streets programme. Usual mistake of agreeing to say a few words and then reading what it’s about: “The aim of the workshop is to bring together London First members and stakeholders to investigate the barriers to town centre transformation … Continue reading “Can’t Buy A Thrill: Evenings In High Streets”

Community Benefits: Supreme Court, Resilient

Examination question: Was the Supreme Court’s ruling in Wright v Resilient right or resilient? The problem is a practical one, and frequently arising. If an applicant promises that it will provide specific benefits for a community if it secures planning permission, and the decision maker takes into account those promises in approving the application, is … Continue reading “Community Benefits: Supreme Court, Resilient”

LL Cool RJ

This is about Robert Jenrick’s 23 October 2019 announcement of the ‘most ambitious heritage preservation campaign for 40 years‘. Whilst we are in political lock-down, there is time to look at it in more detail and in particular at the concept of locally listed buildings, central to the campaign that Jenrick laid out as Communities … Continue reading “LL Cool RJ”

Law Altered On Altering Permissions: Court Of Appeal, Finney

Well I certainly tempted fate with the heading to my blog post A Helpful Case On The Scope Of Section 73 last November, which dealt with Sir Wyn Williams’ first instance ruling in Finney v Welsh Ministers. Tear up that blog post. The ruling now been reversed by the Court of Appeal in a very short … Continue reading “Law Altered On Altering Permissions: Court Of Appeal, Finney”

Dial P For Purdah

Parliament will dissolve just after midnight on 6 November 2019, allowing the required 25 working days before a general election on 12 December. In accordance with the Prime Minister’s 28 October statement the new Parliament will first meet “before 23 December.” So we will have a period of “purdah” from 6 November to 12 December. … Continue reading “Dial P For Purdah”

More Plans Grounded: West Of England; Sevenoaks; London

My 13 July 2019 blog post Less Than Best Laid Plans: Political Pragmatism commented on the previous Secretary of State’s 18 June 2019 letter to PINS, which stressed the need for pragmatism on the part of local plan inspectors. MHCLG must be careful not to shoot the messenger. Inspectors are continuing to point out basic flaws … Continue reading “More Plans Grounded: West Of England; Sevenoaks; London”

Don’t Print The Environment Bill

Two reasons not to press print: It’s long. The Environment Bill, which had its First Reading on 15 October 2019, comprises 232 pages. It has 130 sections and 20 schedules. If you want a quicker read, the Explanatory Notes are only 212 pages. Its shelf life may be short. Of course, we are likely to … Continue reading “Don’t Print The Environment Bill”

SOx On The Run

What a mess in South Oxfordshire, with the council now on a collision course with MHCLG over its submitted local plan, which it would dearly love to withdraw. One of the last things that the previous Conservative administration at South Oxfordshire District Council did before purdah kicked in ahead of the May 2019 local elections … Continue reading “SOx On The Run”

Beauty & The Beast; Wheat & The Chaff

Mike Best at Turley made the point most concisely in a tweet this week: Two themes to this blog post: ⁃ the, partly inconsistent, changes to the planning system announced over the last week; ⁃ the difficulty of sieving out from this a lot more media chaff. The pre Conservative party conference briefings in relation … Continue reading “Beauty & The Beast; Wheat & The Chaff”